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Flash Mob Round Dance

On behalf of Aboriginal Student Groups, I would like to inform you of an important gathering that will take place on Tuesday Jan 8th at 12:00pm in lower Place Riel. As many of you are well aware there has been many peaceful gatherings to raise awareness of the grassroots movement also known as Idle No More. Many student groups have come together in solidarity to showcase to the University the importance of the Idle No More movement.

We ask people to gather before 12:00pm at Lower Place Riel (in the food court). It will start right at noon and we will round dance 2 songs and then we will be led to the new development (by the Alumni wall) where there will be 4 quick speeches - John Noon, Erica Lee (Indigenous Students' Council Cultural Coordinator), Marylou Mintram (Indigenous Students' Council President), and Sheelah Mclean (one of the founders of the Idle No More movement).

We hope to see many faculty, staff and students at the rally to help support our Indigenous brothers and sisters!


Leah Arcand
ITEP Vice President


Organized by Sheelah McLean, Leah Arcand, John Noon, and Jared Brown

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