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Graduate Courses

INDG 802.3 - Applied Indigenous Studies Research Methods

Emphasizes the development of skills to conduct research on, for, and with Native Peoples. Technical skills and ethical issues will be addressed.

INDG 803.3 - Theoretical Issues in Indigenous Studies

Critically examines theoretical developments in Native Studies and relevant cognate disciplines, such as Sociology, History, and Anthropology where Native issues are being addressed.

INDG 810.3 - Aboriginal Self Determination through Mitho-Pimachesowin

This course explores a range of Aboriginal conceptual foundations of Aboriginal Self Determination and examines the emerging application of "Mitho-Pimachesowin" in Aboriginal development. Historically, the Aboriginal "Way of Life" had spiritual roots and encompassed all of life, and this holistic perspective continues to influence modern developments in varying degrees. This class will introduce students to the Cree concept of Mitho-Pimachesowin (ability to make a good living) and will also explore the related elements of autonomy, kinship, work ethic, respect, responsibility and resilience as they apply to contemporary and comparative initiatives in Aboriginal Self Determination.

INDG 898.3 - Special Topics

Concentrated reading and research in selected areas of Indigenous Studies.

INDG 990 - Seminar

All students will be required to register for and attend for one year INDG 990 (Graduate Seminar) and offer one seminar on their thesis research prior to graduation.

INDG 994 - Research

Students writing a Master’s thesis must register for this course.

INDG 996 - Research

Students writing a Ph.D. thesis must register in this course.

GSR 960.0 - Introduction to Ethics and Integrity

A required course for all first year graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan. The purpose of this course is to discuss ethical issues that graduate students may face during their time at the University. All students will complete modules dealing with integrity and scholarship, graduate student-supervisor relationships, conflict of interest, conflict resolution and intellectual property and credit.

GSR 961.0 - Ethics and Integrity in Human Research

Introduces students to the ethics of research with human subjects. Students will complete the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethics Conduct for Research involving Humans (TCPS) Tutorial and become familiar with the human ethics processes at the University of Saskatchewan.

Indigenous Studies Graduate Courses for the 2015/2016 Year

Note: The Department of Indigenous Studies will not have a graduate student intake for the 2015/2016 year

INDG 810.3 Term 1
WR 6:00-8:50PM
Aboriginal Self Determination through Mitho-Pimachesowin Instructor: B. Beatty 
Room: Kirk Hall 227
INDG 990    Term 1 & 2 All graduate students must register in this course Instructor: A. Gaudry
Room: Kirk 136
INDG 994     Term 1 & 2 All MA students must maintain continuous registration in this course Instructor: NA
Room: NA
INDG 996   Term 1 & 2 All PhD students must maintain continuous registration in this course Instructor: NA
Room: NA

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