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The Department of Indigenous Studies faculty members are active leaders in innovative and transformative teaching and research with community partners on and off campus at the local, regional, national, and international levels. We are recognized internationally for our dedication and commitment to the development of healthy communities; dynamic networks; applied community-engaged research; a leading-edge, relevant and comparative academic program grounded in Indigenous perspectives; and the scholarly excellence of our students and faculty. The Indigenous Studies Department is central to the life and vitality of the University of Saskatchewan and upholds the pillars—innovation, Aboriginal engagement, research and internationalization.


The Department of Indigenous Studies serves and engages with Indigenous communities and societies at large, at the local, regional, national and international levels. Indigenous Studies is committed to:

  • Indigenous perspectives grounded in Indigenous knowledge, experience, ways of knowing, and geographies.
  • Capacity building by enhancing healthy and sustainable Indigenous communities, knowledge systems, and environments.
  • Graduating Indigenous Studies Students with relevant and innovative skills, insight, and commitment to social justice and transformation.
  • Excellence in the scholarly activities of teaching, critical analysis, applied and community-based research.
  • Knowledge translation that results in the betterment of relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples
  • Transformative applied, comparative, and innovative research, community service, and teaching that impacts policy and practice, and preserves and creates Indigenous knowledge.



The Department of Indigenous Studies values the traditional values of our ancestors: honesty, courage, generosity, humility, respect, wisdom and truth. The Department of Indigenous Studies values universal education: community engagement, open mindedness, knowledge translation, innovation, scholarly excellence, local and global concerns, capacity building, social justice, and the betterment of society. The Department of Indigenous Studies also values: balance, humour, hard work, and relationship building.

Department of Native Studies

Department of Native Studies

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