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Graduate Catalyst Award

Purpose: Many faculty members have an unfinished artistic project, or a scholarly article, that is caught in the “in progress” phase. Through the ICCC Graduate Catalyst Award, a student will act as the “catalyst” to move the project to completion. The Award is designed to get the article finished and submitted for publication, or the artistic work completed and performed/exhibited. It does this by fostering faculty mentoring, facilitating faculty-student collaboration, and developing student skills. The Catalyst Award will enrich the student’s CV (first as a graduate award and second through the resulting scholarly publication or artistic performance/exhibit) and the faculty member’s career (supporting promotion/merit/tenure and research grant success).

Value: $3,500

Term: 6 months (one time renewable)

Eligibility: All faculty members in the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts applying for a clearly defined in-progress project. The Catalyst Award will be offered to a graduate student of the successful faculty member’s choice. In special circumstances, senior undergraduate students will be considered. Likewise, in special circumstances, the project may be one that the student has initiated.

Conditions: The successful applicant will:

  • Participate actively in relevant programs and activities of the ICCC;
  • Acknowledge the ICCC in any publications arising from the fellowship; and
  • Provide a one-page final report highlighting the results of the fellowship. Please note that future awards are dependent upon receipt of this report.

Application Procedures: Applications must include one copy of the following: 

  • A detailed description (2 page maximum)
 from a Humanities and Fine Arts faculty member explaining (1) the strengths and abilities of the chosen student, (2) how this award will advance the work of the applicant and lead to a co-publication/co-creation, and (3) how this work will contribute to goals and visions of the ICCC.

Application Deadline: There are 4 deadlines per year: September 15, January 15, March 15, and April 15 (or the next working day should the deadline fall on a weekend). Completed applications should be submitted to the ICCC (