History Undergraduate Students' Association

Since February 1995, the History Undergraduate Students' Association (HUSA) has been remarkably active and successful. It not only sponsors social events such as the annual “Meet the Prof Night,” but is also dedicated to meeting students' academic needs. 

With over 50 members and an ambitious executive of seven students, HUSA is thriving. Advice and suggestions from alumni and students for future activities or strategies for promoting interest in history are always welcome.

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2017-2018 HUSA Executive 

  • Co-President: Meagan Breault 
  • Co-President: Mariah Hillis 
  • Co-VP: Jonah Egan-Pimblett
  • Co-VP: Jenna Casey
  • Secretary: Lynette Cain
  • Treasurer: Erin Isaac
  • Social Media Rep: Anyssa Plan
  • Year Reps: Lydia Sauder and Ben Kmiech