("Mural painted in 1955 by Jim Eadie who was 9 years old at the time of the Regina Riot. Eadie became a patient at Weyburn in the 1950s. The clash of ideologies, prairie history, institutionalization and the social history of psychiatric patients are integral elements of my research objectives.")


The Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in History of Medicine was created in 2008 to support the research activities of the chairholder, Erika Dyck of the Department of History, and faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows engaged in the history of health and medicine.

Dr. Dyck’s chief interests are in the history of psychiatry, mental health, deinstitutionalization and eugenics. She is the author of Psychedelic Psychiatry which examines the history of LSD experimentation and how it fit within broader trends in the changing orientation of psychiatry during the post-World War II period. As part of her CRC objectives, she is currently working on a CIHR-funded project called Open Doors/Closed Ranks. This project relies on an interdisciplinary team of researchers who are comparing processes and experiences related to deinstitutionalization or the closure of long-stay mental hospitals in Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Some of the results from this project will be featured on the Canadian History of Madness website. Dyck’s other major research project, funded by SSHRC, is a monograph called Facing the History of Eugenics which looks at individual cases of individuals who willingly or unwillingly underwent sexual sterilization surgery in Alberta in the 20th century. Each case explores a different aspect of eugenic history on the prairies.

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