M.A. Theses:

ACHARIBASAM, John B. (M.A.) "Efficacy of Strategic Environmental Assessment in Canada" (JUNE 2013) Dr. B. Noble, Supervisor.

AL IBRAHIM, Azhar (M.A.) "Source Water Protection Planning in Metropolitan Canada: Barriers and Opportunities" (JUNE 2015), Dr. R. Patrick, Supervisor.

BAIJIUS, Warrick R. (M.A.) "Knowledge Integration in Watershed Planning" (MAY 2015) Dr. R. Patrick, Supervisor.

CZERNIAK, Tyler (M.A.) "An Infill Strategy for the Walkable Reuse of Surface Parking Lots: Uncovering Opportunity in Canada's Winter Cities" (NOVEMBER 2013) Dr. A. Akkerman, Supervisor.

GRANT, Kellie (M.A.) “Drinking Water Source Water Protection Plan Implementation: Barriers and Supports for First Nations” (May 2016) Dr. R. Patrick

HAGBLOM, Gale L. (M.A.) "Aboriginal Women and Urban Housing: A Quest for Adequate Shelter" (APRIL 2014) Dr. R. Patrick, Supervisor.

LEMOINE, Nadine (M.A.) “Exploring Water Governance in Northern Saskatchewan: Opportunities for a Watershed Council” (SEPTEMBER 2012) Dr. R. Patrick, Supervisor.

LIU, Jialang (M.A.) ‘Cumulative Effects on Human Health Within the Hydroelectric Sector: A Case Study of Manitoba Hydro” (October 2015) Drs. B. Noble and P. Hackett

OWUSU, Boabang (M.A.) "Evaluation of Cultural Competency in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) Intervention Programs in Saskatoon for Saskatchewan Metis" (MARCH 2015) Dr. P. Hackett, Supervisor.

PETRENKO, Anastasia (M.A.) "Generation of the Indoor Navigation Network for Campus of University of Saskatchewan" (JULY 2013), Dr. S. Bell, Supervisor.

PRUSAK, Sarah Yvonne (M.A.) “An Examination of First Nations Comprehensive Community Planning in Saskatchewan (OCTOBER 2011) Dr. R. Walker, Supervisor.

RAWLYK, Frances X. (M.A.) “Local Capacity to Implement Source Water Protection Plans in the South Saskatchewan River Watershed” (JANUARY 2012) Dr. R. Patrick, Supervisor.

RIDSDALE, D. Reanne (M.A.) "Assessing Sustainable Remediation Frameworks Using Sustainability Discourse" (JULY 2015) Dr. B. Noble, Supervisor.

RUSHTON, Risha-Jaide G. (M.A.) “The Efficacy of Environmental Impact Assessment in Saskatchewan’s Forest Resource Sector” (OCTOBER 2012) Dr. B. Noble, Supervisor.

SKWARUK, Jesse S.  (M.A.) “Capacity to Support Cumulative Effects Assessment and Management in the Athabasca Watershed, Alberta, Canada” (NOVEMBER 2011) Dr. R. Patrick, Supervisor.

WANG, Hanyang (M.A.) "Challenges and Opportunities for Source Water Protection Plan Implementation in Saskatchewan: Lessons for Capacity Building Needs" (OCTOBER 2013), Dr. R. Patrick,  Supervisor.

M.Sc. Theses:

ANDERSON, Emily (M.Sc.) “Modelling Changes in Multi-Decadal Streamflow Contributions – Bologna Glacier, Selwyn Mountains, NWT, Canada” (April 2017) supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

BASNET, Prajwal M. (M.Sc.) "Assessment of the Capacity for Watershed Cumulative Effects Assessment and Management in the South Saskatchewan Watershed, Canada" (MAY 2013), Dr. B. Noble, Supervisor.

CROWLEY, Claire (M.Sc.) “How Context Affects Uncertainty Disclosure and Communication in Environmental Impact Assessment: A Case Study of Energy Development in Northern Alberta” (May 2016) Dr. J. Gunn

Dumanski, Stacey K. (M.Sc.) "Hydrological Regime Changes in a Canadian Prairie Wetland Basin" (JULY 2015) Dr. J. Pomeroy and Dr. C. Westbrook, Co-Supervisors.

FINNIGAN, Carmen (M.Sc.) "Developing a Grassland Biomass Monitoring Tool Using a Time Series of Dual Plarimetric SAR and Optical Data" (JUNE 2013), Dr. X. Guo, Supervisor.

GOODBRAND, Amy (M.Sc.) "Influence of Lakes and Peatlands on Groundwater Contribution to Boreal Streamflow" (MARCH 2013), Dr. C. Westbrook, Supervisor.

HARDER, Phillip (M.Sc.) "Precipitation Phase Partitioning with a Psychrometric Energy Balance: Model Development and Application" (OCTOBER 2013) Dr. J. Pomeroy, Supervisor.

KRISTENSEN, Stephanie (M.Sc.) “Capacity for Cumulative Effects Assessment In The Lower Fraser Watershed, British Columbia, Canada”  (NOVEMBER 2011) Dr. B. Noble, Supervisor.

MAHAFFEY, Ashley C. (M.Sc.) "Comparison of the Reproductive and Embryo-Larval Effects of COmmercial and Extracted Naphthenic Acid Mixtures in Fathead Minno (Pimephales Promelas)" (MARCH 2015), Dr. D. de Boer, Supervisor.

MARSH, Christopher B. (M.Sc.) “Implications of Mountain Shading on Calculating Energy for Snowmelt Using Unstructured Triangular Meshes” (JUNE 2012) Dr. J. Pomeroy and Dr. R. Spiteri, Supervisors.

MORRISON, Alasdair D. (M.Sc.) "Distribution of Beaver Inhabited Peatlands in the Rocky Mountains, and an Investigation into their Subsurface Structure" (DECEMBER 2013), Dr. Cherie Westbrook, Supervisor.

ROSTE, Jennifer L. (M.Sc.) "Development and Evaluation of a Canadian Prairie Nutrient Transport Model" (JULY 2015) Dr. J. Pomeroy and Dr. H. Wheater, Co-Supervisors.

SIEMENS, Evan (M.Sc.) “Effects of Climate Variability on Hydrological Processes in a Canadian Rockies Headwaters Catchment” (October 2016) supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

WEI, Ting (M.Sc.) “Impact of Indoor Location Information Reliability on Users’ Trust of an Indoor Positioning System” (SEPTEMBER 2012) Dr. S. Bell, Supervisor.

ZHANG, Sisi (M.Sc.) ‘Evaluating Urban Expansion Using Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: Greater Chengdu, China’ (February 2016) Dr. X. Guo

Ph.D. Thesis:

DEBEER, Christopher M. (Ph.D.) “Simulating Areal Snowcover Depletion and Snowmelt Runoff in Alpine Terrain” (APRIL 2012) Dr. J. Pomeroy, Supervisor.

FIDLER, Courtney (Ph.D.) "Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Development: Advancing the Efficacy of Environmental Management through Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment" (FEBRUARY 2013), Dr. B. Noble, Supervisor.

GOVIND, Arun (Ph.D.) "Multi-Scalar Remote Sensing of the Northern Mixed Prairie Vegetaion" (APRIL 2015) Dr. S. Bell, Supervisor.

JUNG, Wook Rak (Ph.D.) "Impact of Positioning Technology on Human Navigation" (MAY 2015) Dr. S. Bell, Supervisor.

KINAR, Nicholas J. S. (Ph.D.) "Acoustic Measurement of Snow" (DECEMBER 2013) Dr. J. Pomeroy, Supervisor.

LI, Zhaoqin (Ph.D.) “Quantifying Grassland Non-Photosynthetic Vegetation Biomass using Remote Sensing Data” (April 2017) supervisor: Dr. X. Guo

LUDLOW, Natalie (Ph.D.) “Historical Population Health: Spatiotemporal Mortality Patterns of Hamilton, Ontario 1880-1882 and 1910-1912” (December 2016) supervisor: Dr. P. Hackett

RASOULI, Kabir (Ph.D.) “Sensitivity Analysis of Mountain Hydrology to Changing Climate” (March 2017) supervisor: Dr. J. Pomeroy

SHAH, Tayyab I. (Ph.D.) "Geographic Access to Family Physicians in Urban Areas Across Canada" (JUNE 2014) Dr. S. Bell, Supervisor.

SHEN, Li (Ph.D.) "Monitoring Urban Sustainability Based on an Integrated Indicator Model Using Geospatial Technique and Multiple Data Sources: A Case Study in the City of Saskatoon, SK, Canada (MARCH 2014) Dr. X. Guo, Supervisor.

SIZO, Anton (Ph.D.) "Strategic Environmental Assessment Design for Wetland Assessment and Conservation Policy Development in an Urban Planning Context" (JUNE 2015) Dr. B. Noble and Dr. S. Bell, Co-Supervisors.

YANG, Xiaohui (Ph.D.) “Assessing Responses of Grasslands to Grazing Management Using Remote Sensing Approaches” (APRIL 2012) Dr. X. Guo, Supervisor.