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100-Level Classes

Junior English

Please note:

  • 6 cu 100-level English is the maximum that can be taken for credit, with the exception of ENG 120 Introduction to Creative Writing, which may be taken for an additional 3-cu general credit.
  • 6 cu at the 100 level is a prerequisite for 200-level English classes.

ENG 110.6 Literature and Composition

An introduction to the main kinds of literature. In addition to learning the tools of critical analysis, students will study and practise composition.

ENG 111.3 Literature and Composition: Reading Poetry

The course emphasizes close reading of poetry with due attention to questions of form and technique and social and cultural contexts. The material may range from medieval to modern.

ENG 112.3 Literature and Composition: Reading Drama

The course emphasizes close reading of plays with due attention to questions of their performance and social and cultural contexts. The material may range from medieval to modern drama, including works written for radio, film, and television.

ENG 113.3 Literature and Composition: Reading Narrative

The course focuses on reading critically a variety of narrative forms.

ENG 114.3 Literature and Composition: Reading Culture

Students will draw on their own range of cultural experiences—popular as well as academic—in order to enhance their literary knowledge and their communication skills. Since language and literature are central to the production and consumption of culture, students will work with and beyond well-known texts. Students will learn how literary models, terms, and techniques both shape and help us to understand a broad range of historical and contemporary cultural forms. Works may be included from a variety of historical and/or contemporary media, visual and virtual as well as textual. 

ENG 120.3 Introduction to Creative Writing

This course introduces students to strategies for writing original fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.


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