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The English Course Council

The English Course Council (ECC), to which all English graduate students automatically belong, holds general and executive meetings every month. The ECC executive consists of eleven officers: Chair, Vice-Chair/Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Officer, Social Director, Graduate Committee Representative, Research Committee Representative, two Faculty Committee representatives (one M.A., one Ph.D.), and two Graduate Students' Association Representatives. Every student in the program is eligible to sit on the executive, the members of which are elected at the first general meeting of the academic year.

Perhaps the most important functions of the ECC executive are promoting student views and concerns to the Department's Graduate Committee and Research Committee, and advocating for individual students and groups to various offices and agencies on campus. The ECC gathers and distributes information for its membership; promotes events important to graduate studies in English—readings, seminars, and conferences; it also serves in a more social way by organizing pubs, skating parties, movie nights, and much more. An ECC member edits The Daily Procrastinator, the newsletter for graduate students in English. Members of the ECC also manage and edit The Fieldstone Review, an online literary journal publishing poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, and reviews.

ECC 2016–2017

Executive Council: 

President: Tara Chambers

Vice-President/Treasurer: Jillian Baker

Communications Officer: Nicole Atkings

Editor-in-Chief (The Fieldstone Review): Jade MacDougall

Non-Executive Council:

Daily Procrastinator Editor: Tristan Taylor

Faculty Committee Representative: Rhonda West (MA); Rob Imes (PhD)

Graduate Committee Representative: Mark Doerksen

Undergraduate Representative: Kayla McCutcheon 

GSA Representative: Banjo Olaleye and Federica Giannelli (alternate)

Research, Scholarly, and Artistic Works Representative: Kyle Dase

ACCUTE Representative: Tristan Taylor

Social Committee: Elyn Achtymichuk-Hardy, Federica Giannelli, Jillian Baker

Fieldstone Review Editorial Board 2016–2017

Copy Editor: Shakti Brazier-Tompkins

Website Editor: Adam Vázquez

Fiction Editor: Jillian Baker

Poetry Editor: Kenechukwu Onwudinjo

Creative Nonfiction and Reviews Editor: Kayla McCutcheon


Fiction: Shakti Brazier-Tompkins, Rhonda West, Tara Chambers, Kyle Dase, Mark Doerksen

Creative Nonfiction and Reviews: Elizabeth Miller, Elyn Achtymichuk-Hardy, Rob Imes, Tara Chambers

Poetry: Jillian Baker, Tristan Taylor, Jessica McDonald


ECC 2015–2016

President: Tara Chambers

Vice-President/Treasurer: Sara-Jane Gloutnez

Social Committee: Elyn Achtymichuk and Brendan Swalm

Communications Officer: Jillian Baker

Graduate Committee Representative: Jessica Ratcliffe

Faculty Committee Representative: Martin Winquist (PhD) and Banjo Olaleye (MA)

Research, Scholarly, and Artistic Works Representative: Sheheryar Sheikh

GSA Representatives: Kiefer Waite-Newhouse and Adam Epp; Sara-Jane Gloutnez (alternate) and Federica Gianelli (alternate)

ACCUTE Representative: Jessica Ratcliffe

Daily Procrastinator Editor: Tristan Taylor

Social committee: Adar Charlton, Kiefer Waite-Newhouse, Jessica R.

Fieldstone Review 2015–2016

Editor-in-Chief: Jade MacDougall

Copy Editor: Shakti Brazier-Tompkins

Website Editor: Jon Bath continuing; Adam Vasquez-Cruz

Fiction Editor: Adar Charlton and Martin Winquist

Poetry Editor: Tara Chambers

Creative nonfiction and reviews editor: Jessica Ratcliffe


Fiction: Sheheryar Sheikh, Tara Chambers, Jessica Ratcliffe, and Sara-Jane Gloutnez

Poetry: Jillian Baker, Jessica Ratcliffe, Adam Vasquez-Cruz, Shakti Brazier-Tompkins, and Tristan Taylor

Creative nonfiction and reviews: Tara Chambers, Adar Charlton, and Shakti Brazier-Tompkins

ECC 2014–2015

Co-Presidents: Kyle Dase and Aaron Thacker

Vice-President/Treasurer: Shakti Brazier-Tompkins

Social Committee: Elyn Achtymichuk and Brendan Swalm

Communications Officer: Jade McDougall 

Graduate Committee Representative: Martin Edward Winquist

Faculty Committee Representative: Jessica Ratcliffe (PhD) and Brendan Swalm (MA)

Research, Scholarly, and Artistic Works Representative: Sheheryar Sheikh

GSA Representatives: Aaron Thacker, Kyle Dase, James Yékú (alternate), and Federica Giannelli (alternate)

ACCUTE Representative: Rob Imes

Daily Procrastinator Editor: Sheheryar Sheikh

Fieldstone Review 2014–2015

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Horacki

Copy Editor: Shakti Brazier-Tompkins

Fiction Editor: Sheheryar Sheikh

Poetry Editor: Tara Chambers

Non-Fiction Editor: Adar Charlton and Martin Edward Winquist


Fiction: Martin Edward Winquist, Jade McDougall, Kyle Dase, Shakti Brazier-Tompkins, Aaron Thacker, and Adar Charlton

Poetry: Paddy O’Reilly, Jessica Ratcliffe, Sheheryar Sheikh, and Shakti Brazier-Tompkins

Non-Fiction: Jade, Brendan Swalm, and Sheheryar Sheikh



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