The Program

This program is an opportunity for senior Arts and Science students to get valuable job experience as well as academic credit for “learning by doing.” If selected, you perform 8 to 10 hours per week of unpaid work for a host employer and complete a project-related academic component (e.g., paper, presentation). Based on evaluation of your job performance and academic work, course credit for either Econ 387.3 or 385.6 for which you have registered is granted toward your degree. Tuition fees apply and you must meet the prerequisites for the 385.6 or 387.3 course under which you are credited. 

The Benefits

Imagine working on fascinating projects ranging from an investment analysis in Saskatchewan’s oil and gas industry to the impact of taxation and royalty rates on the natural resource sector in Western Canada, to an analysis of the workings of the international carbon emission trading market (Cap and Trade analysis). 

Imagine how working on projects like these will look on your resume; but this is only the beginning imagine all the additional benefits and advantages the Economics Internship can bring to your career. These would be:

  • Acquiring and enhancing your human resource and problem solving skills.
  • Enhancing and strengthening your applied economic and quantitative research skills.
  • Getting the opportunity to work and network with host-organizations ranging from world class corporations like Cameco to prestige enhancing organizations like the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.
  • Getting the opportunity to receive a possible job offer after the internship.

ECON 387

One Term Economics Career Internship (January to April of Each Year)

Project Format Career Internship

 The Career Internship Program of the Department of Economics represents a partnership between the Department, the business community, and government and community organizations for the purpose of enhancing the educational process and learning experience of economics and business economics students, as well of students from other related academic disciplines, by integrating applied and conceptual learning. During this one term internship, students will work on one major project, designed by the Host Organization and the Program’s Academic Coordinator. All aspects of the project – data collection and interpretation, research analysis, the writing and presentation components of the project – are expected to be carried out by the internship student. Furthermore, through their participation in the Program, students will also receive valuable work experience, while at the same time earning academic credits towards their degree requirements. The participating host organizations from business, government, and the community at large have the opportunity to obtain useful information and analysis arising from the students' projects and, importantly, assess the quality of the internship students as potential future employees.

 Throughout the 13-week academic term, the participating student is expected to perform 6 to 8 hours per week of unpaid work on the assigned project for the host organization. The host organization itself provides a supervised workplace and appropriate job and project assignment. The student also completes an academic component under the guidance of the Academic Supervisor who approves and evaluates (e.g., a paper and presentation) the conceptual learning component of the student's internship placement.

Workplace Based Career Internship

This Internship Format is designed to provide students with valuable workplace experience that includes exposure to various research topics as well as an opportunity to apply learned skills to various smaller projects specifically developed by the host organization. 

This workplace internship program has been developed to provide students with practical internship experience that allows them to interact with the host organizations’ employees while providing valuable research support. The research opportunities and tasks associated with this workplace internship

program are varied and flexible, reflecting the host organizations’ changing research support needs on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis.

During the students’ in-office workplace internship hours, students will be available to the host organizations to provide research that is driven by the day-to-day needs of the particular host organization. Students may be assigned a variety of research duties throughout their internship on a monthly, weekly or daily basis depending on the needs of the host organization. This will require and allow greater interaction between the organizations’ staff and the participating intern(s) and will provide the participating students with a much richer practical workplace experience. 

Depending on an individual student’s strengths and areas of interest, the host organization will work with the students to develop research and analysis tasks that will support the efforts and ongoing activities of the organization. Each research tasks may be short or long in duration and may also depend on the level of supervision, collaboration and guidance required of each student.

Consequently, this type of internship program is designed to provide flexible research support while increasing each student’s level of interaction and learning experience with the host organization staff in an interaction-based work environment. All of this will provide students with a higher likelihood of gaining a reference for future employment pursuits. 

The workplace career internship program is also beneficial to the host organization as it offers the host the opportunity to interact with the interns and collaborate and mentor them as they provide the timely delivery of research support. The interactive nature of this program will also enable the host organization to gauge each student’s interests, skill level and work ethic so that they can mentor and guide students more appropriate throughout their internship experience. Therefore, the benefits of this program are two-fold: the host organization receives much needed research support that is flexible and timely while students gain practical workplace experience. 

As with the economics career internship program, students will not receive financial compensation for their participation, however, all work completed will count towards the course credits for Economics 387.

Host Organization

  • Affinity Credit Union
  • Areva Corp.
  • Bhp Billiton
  • Cameco Corporation
  • Canada West Foundation, Calgary
  • City Of Saskatoon
  • Mgi Securities
  • Potash Corp
  • Saskatoon Chamber Of Commerce
  • Saskatoon Home Builders Association
  • Saskatchewan Home Builders Association
  • Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority
  • Tourism Saskatoon
  • Trico Homes, Calgary

Past Projects

  • Apprenticeship & Training – Residential Construction Industry;
  • Economic Analysis of Macroeconomic Impact of Expanded Potash Output Capacity;
  • Demographic Analysis of Central Saskatchewan;
  • Public Sector Productivity: a Comparative Study;
  • The Barriers to the Use of Prefabricated Wall Systems in Saskatchewan;
  • Changes in the Self Employment Market Place over the last 10 Years with an Assessment of Key Trends;
  • An Analytical Prediction of Future Labour Shortages/Surpluses in Saskatchewan;
  • Research Data Analysis of Attracting Investment to the Saskatoon Region;
  • Profiling Businesses in the Saskatoon Region by Industry Sector;
  • Identification of Internet Links, Research relevant Government and Community-based Programs for the Saskatoon Labour Market Committee;
  • Balance of Trade Analysis by Measuring Saskatchewan Exports and Imports;
  • Research & Survey related to the Issue of Housing Affordability in Saskatoon;
  • Comparative Analysis of National Health Care Reports;
  • Analysis of Issues and Options related to Poverty in Saskatchewan;
  • Rural Education Market Penetration of the University of Saskatchewan;
  • Analysis of NAFTA-related Trade implications for Saskatchewan;
  • Comparative Balance of Trade Analysis between Saskatchewan and Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba.
  • Price Forecast in the Global Uranium Futures Market