College Admin Organizational Chart


College of Arts & Science



Confidential Assistant
Diana Tegenkamp

Dr. Lawrence W. Martz Vice Dean Faculty Relations


Executive Assistant - Kate Wilson

Administrative Assistant - Dorothy Austen

Secretary - Myrna Lindenbach

Jack Gray Vice Dean Research, Scholarly and Artistic Work


Executive Assistant - Tara Hackl

Research SSHRC/CIHR - Fiona Haynes

Research Planning and Facilitation Officer - Meritt Kocdag

Research Planning and Facilitation Officer - Javier Tavitas

Director DRC - Jon Bath

DRC Programmer - Xiaohan Zhang

Gordon DesBrisay Vice Dean Academic


Executive Assistant - Toryn Adams

Director Academic Programs - Alexis Dahl

Interdisciplinary Programs and Study Abroad Coordinator - LaVina Watts

Director Science Outreach - Lana Elias

Science Outreach Coordinator - Victoria Harms

Technician, Museum of Natural Science - Sue Johnson

Director Museum of Antiquities - Tracene Harvey

Non-Credit Programming - Jasmin Fookes
Gisèle Piché

Kristina Bidwell Associate Dean Aboriginal Affairs


Executive Assistant - Victoria Mowat

Program Developer; STEM Access Initiatives - Sandy Bonny

Lorin Elias Associate Dean Students


Director Student Academic Services - Gloria Brandon

Director Learning Communities - Lori (Slater) Pollock

1st Year Programs - Paul Thompson (on leave)

1st Year Programs - Jessica Dyck

Academic Coach - Ashley Pearse (on Leave)

Academic Coach - Beverley Digout

Manager of Student Recruiting and Transfer Credit - Rob Lovelace
Trevor Nerdahl (on leave)

Strategic Info Analyst - Tamara El Hawat (Colton)

Barb Gillis Chief Operating Officer Finance and Resources


College Secretary - Peter Krebs

Financial Manager - Barb Buchanan

Director of Facilities - Steve McLeod

Facilities Assistant - Muriel Gieni

Manager, Admin Support Group (ASG) - Sharla Daviduik

ASG Office Coordinators - Janice Weber (Art & Art History)
Jessica Klein (Drama)
Megan Loessl (Economics)
Diana Pitoulis (English, DCNM, MFA Writing and WGST)
Phyllis Baynes (Geography and Planning)
Jenna Way (History and CMRS)
Carla Schulz (Languages, Literatures & Cultural Studies; Philosophy)
Amy Karakochuk (Linguistics & Religious Studies)
Rohanna Wheatley (Music)
Jennifer Morgan (Political Studies and International Studies)
TBD (Psychology)

College / Kenderdine Gallery / Univ Art Collection - Blair Barbeau
Leah Taylor

Andrea Wasylow-Ducasse Executive Director of Planning and Projects


Confidential Assistant - Diana Tegenkamp

Communications / Events Staff - Abhinav Bhargav
Chris Putnam
Betsy Rosenwald

Erin Walkey Director of Advancement


Alumni Engagement Officer - Christine Bobyn

Donor Relations Officer - Donalda Svarc