College Admin Organizational Chart


College of Arts & Science



Executive Assistant
Kate Wilson

Dr. Lawrence W. Martz Vice-Dean Faculty Relations


Executive Assistant - Tara Hackl

Administrative Assistant - Dorothy Austen

Secretary - Myrna Lindenbach

Ingrid Pickering Vice-Dean Research, Scholarly and Artistic Work


Executive Assistant - Tara Hackl

Research SSHRC/CIHR - Fiona Haynes

Research Planning and Facilitation Officer - Meritt Kocdag

Research Planning and Facilitation Officer - Javier Tavitas

Director DRC - Jon Bath

Gordon DesBrisay Vice-Dean Academic


Executive Assistant - Toryn Adams

Director Academic Programs - Alexis Dahl

Interdisciplinary Programs and Study Abroad Coordinator - LaVina Watts

Director Science Outreach - Lana Elias

Science Outreach Coordinator - Victoria Harms

Technician, Museum of Natural Science - Sue Johnson

Director Museum of Antiquities - Tracene Harvey

Non-Credit Programming - Jasmin Fookes
Gisèle Piché

Dirk de Boer Acting Vice-Dean Indigenous
Kristina Bidwell Vice-Dean Indigenous (on leave)


Executive Assistant - Jenn Morgan

Executive Assistant - Victoria Mowat (on leave)

Coordinator, Aboriginal Student Achievement Program - Sandy Bonny

Program Assistant, STEM Access Initiatives - Amanda Thomas (on leave)

Program Assistant, Aboriginal Student Achievement Program - Andrew Hartman

Lorin Elias Associate Dean Students


Coordinator of Undergraduate Services - Blair Pisio

Student Academic Services Staff - Kathy Arnie
Steven Mondigo
Cory Penno
Amber Vey

Director Learning Communities - Lori (Slater) Pollock

1st Year Programs - Paul Thompson (on leave)

1st Year Programs - Jessica Dyck

Academic Coach - Beverley Digout

Manager of Student Recruiting and Transfer Credit - Trevor Nerdahl

Strategic Info Analyst - Tamara El Hawat (on leave)

Barb Gillis Chief Operating Officer Finance and Resources


College Secretary - Peter Krebs

Financial Manager - Barb Buchanan

Facilities Assistant - Muriel Gieni

Manager, Admin Support Group (ASG) - Sharla Daviduik

ASG Finance - Renée Lepitzki  Financial Coordinator
Corinne Steininger  Assistant Financial Coordinator
Brigitte McGhee  Financial Assistant, Student Awards
Janice Weber Financial Assistant, Student Awards
Brieanna Bird  Financial Assistant, Payroll
Tanis Skjeie  Financial Assistant

ASG Graduate Programs
Support - Nadine Penner  Graduate Programs Administrative Coordinator
Jessica Parker  Graduate Programs Clerical Assistant
Audrey Boensch  Biology
Leah Hildebrandt  Chemistry
Sophie Findlay  Computer Science Graduate Program Coordinator
Heather Webb  Computer Science Academic Program Support
Megan Loessl  Economics
Phyllis Baynes  Geography and Planning
Kyla Denton  Mathematics and Statistics
Joni Morman  Psychology
Barb Wotherspoon  Sociology
Samantha Smith  Graduate Student Funding Financial Assistant

ASG Office
Coordinators - TBD Art & Art History
Deidre Wasyliw Biology
Erin Wasylow Chemistry
Jenna Way  Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies, History
Danielle Siemens  Computer Science
Diana Tegenkamp   DCNM, MFA Writing and English
RJ Juson  Drama
Megan Loessl  Economics
Phyllis Baynes  Geography, Regional and Urban Planning
Jacqueline Schoenfeld  Political Studies and International Studies
Carla Schulz  Languages, Literatures & Cultural Studies; Philosophy
Amy Karakochuk  Linguistics & Religious Studies
Dayna Luedtke  Mathematics and Statistics
Rohanna Wheatley  Music
Chelsea Nafe  Psychology
Kristen Harms / Barb Wotherspoon  Sociology

Kenderdine Gallery / Univ Art Collection - Blair Barbeau
Leah Taylor

Andrea Wasylow Director of Planning and Projects


Senior Events Coordinator - Blessing Revai Madenga

Administrative Assistant - Joseph Anderson

Communications / Events Staff - Chris Putnam
Shannon Boklaschuk

Publications Officer - Erin Fisher

Vacant / TBA Director of Advancement


Alumni Engagement Officer - Christine Bobyn

Donor Relations Officer - Donalda Svarc