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The Department of Chemistry offers graduate programs leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in all of the major sub-disciplinary areas in chemistry (analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, theoretical). Graduate programs are tailored to the individual student and feature a strong interaction with faculty. The department has a long history of research and graduate training. More than 350 Master's degrees have been awarded with the first being conferred in 1919. The first Doctorate was awarded in 1952 and more than 200 Ph.D. students have subsequently graduated from the department. Many of our graduates have gone on to have distinguished careers in academia and in industry, most notably Henry Taube (Nobel Laureate, 1983; M.Sc., 1937).

Our graduate program emphasizes research and independent learning relative to course work and is structured to encourage independent thinking and the development of problem solving skills. A significant aspect of our program is the Chemistry core course (CHEM 801.6 or "Modern Aspects of Chemistry"). The core course is offered in the fall term in a modular format. It is based on the sub-disciplines of chemistry and encompasses both experimental and theoretical approaches. This course provides incoming graduate students with a modern review of the 'core' material in chemistry, with an emphasis on the integration of knowledge.

You will find more detailed information regarding both the M.Sc. and Ph.D. program, including course requirements and steps in each program, by downloading our Brief Guide for Students.

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