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Adjuncts and Associates


S.M. Adl Ph.D. (University of British Columbia) Department of Soil Science:  Soil biology, protist diversity and systematics, soil micro-invertebrates, nutrient cycling, food webs, community structure, microbial ecology.
Email:  sina.adl@usask.ca 
Phone: (306) 966-6866
Office:   5D20 Agric. Building

A. Aitken Ph.D. (McMaster University) Department of Geography and Planning: research interests are focused on subjects related to Arctic marine biology, Quaternary geology and geomorphology, and Paleo-Indian settlements on the Canadian Prairies.
Email: alec.aitken@usask.ca 
Phone: (306) 966-5672
Office:   Kirk Hall 117

H. BAULCH Ph.D. ( Trent) School of Environment and Sustainability, Global Institute for Water Security:  Water quality; aquatic ecology; global change; biogeochemical cycles; greenhouse gas emissions; eutrophication; algal blooms; climate change.
Email:  helen.baulch@usask.ca 
Phone: (306) 966-2549Office: NHRC 1016

J.F. BASINGER Ph.D. (Alberta) Department of Geological Sciences:  Paleobotany: Evolution of vascular plants in western and northern Canada.
Email: jim.basinger@usask.ca 
Phone: (306) 966-5687
Office: College 201

J. DILLON Ph.D. (Queen's) Department of Microbiology and Immunology:  STIs, antimicrobial resistance, molecular epidemiology and bacterial cell division mechanisms.
 Email: j.dillon@usask.ca
Office: VIDO Room A218
Phone: (306) 966-1535

M. FERRARI Ph.D. (Saskatchewan) Department of Vet. Biomedical: a behavioural and evolutionary ecologist, interested in understanding how animals respond to changes in their environment, and more specifically, how biotic and abiotic factors (both natural or from anthropogenic origins) affect predator-prey interactions.
Email:  maud.ferrari@usask.ca 
Phone: (306) 966-4317
Office: WCVM 2205 

J. IANOWSKI Ph.D. (McMaster) Department of Physiology: research program focus on the mechanisms of epithelial solute transport, its regulation by extracellular and the intracellular signals, and the pathological consequences of transport failure. 
Email:  juan.ianowski@usask.ca 
Phone: (306) 966-2542
Office: HLTH A302


R.T. ALISAUSKAS Ph.D. (Western Ontario) Canadian Wildlife Service. Energetics and nutrition of waterfowl, ecology of arctic geese, landscape ecology.
Email: ray.alisauskas@canada.ca
Phone: (306) 975-4556
Office: Prairie and Northern Wildlife Research Centre

R.G. CLARK Ph.D. (McGill) Canadian Wildlife Service. Avian Ecology: Reproduction and breeding habitat selection; landscape ecology.
Email: bob.clark@canada.ca 
Phone: (306) 975-4110
Office: Prairie and Northern Wildlife Research Centre

M. ERLANDSON Ph.D. (Queen's) Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Insect Pathology: Molecular biology of baculoviruses and host insect tissues. 
Email: martin.erlandson@agr.gc.ca
Phone: (306) 956-7276 
Office: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saskatoon Research Centre

M. EVANS Ph.D. (British Columbia) National Hydrology Research Institute. Limnology: Zooplankton-phytoplankton relationships in lakes of varying productivity and salinity; northern lake ecology; organic contaminants. 
Email: marlene.evans@canada.ca
Phone: (306) 975-5310
Office: National Hydrology Research Institute

P.R. FOBERT Ph.D. (Carleton) Plant Biotechnology Institute. Molecular biology of plant development, cell division control, and plant-pathogen interactions.
Email: pierre.fobert@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca 

K. GURNEY Ph.D. (Saskatchewan) Canadian Wildlife Service. Ecotoxicology: Wetland ecosystems, avian ecology, and trophic connections.  
Email: kirsty.gurney@canada.ca 
Phone: (306) 975-5301
Office: Prairie and Northern Wildlife Research Centre

K.A. HOBSON Ph.D. (Saskatchewan) Canadian Wildlife Service. Avian Ecology: Applications of stable-isotope analysis to ecosystem studies, conservation biology. 
Email: khobson6@uwo.ca

J. KROCHKO Ph.D. (Guelph) NRC Saskatoon (retired). Molecular biology of embyogenesis, seed development, and stress adaptations.
Email: jkrochko@shaw.ca

J. ZOU Ph.D. (Chinese Academy of Sciences) NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute. Plant Physiology: plant lipid metabolism, carbon metabolism and redox control.
Email: jitao.zou@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Phone: (306) 975-5583
Office: NRC Saskatoon