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WildEcol Seminar Series Schedule

September 27, 2017 to December 6, 2017

Dear colleagues,

WildEcol Seminar Series has a stellar set of speakers lined up for the term. Please see our attached schedule.

We're kicking off next week with Jillian Kusch and Colleen Crill, who will be talking about stress responses and social interactions of Black-tailed Prairie dogs!

This semester we're pleased to welcome two new WildEcol Coordinators, Katelyn Luff and Lisha Berzins!

Please help spread the word, and be on the look out for our official announcement and more details on next week's talk!

Kristin Bianchini (Toxicology Centre; K.Bianchini@usask.ca)
Jessica Howell (Department of Biology; Jessica.howell@usask.ca)
Katelyn Luff (Department of Biology; katelyn.luff@usask.ca)
Lisha Berzins (Department of Biology; Lisha.berzins@usask.ca)

WildEcol Coordinators​