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Fall 2017 Biology Departmental Seminars





Seminar Title

September 7



September 18

 Liana Zanette, University of Western Ontario

SPECIAL SEMINAR:  The dimensions of fear: from brains to populations to ecosystems

September 21

 Zoe Lindo, Western University

What happens above matters below: Linking plant and soil communities in boreal peatlands

September 28

 Maryam Nourimand, UofS Biology

Ureide metabolism in response to cadmium treatment in Arabidopsis thaliana

October 5



October 12

 Li Qin, UofS Biology

Cellular Mechanisms Underlying the Deposition of Resistance-Related Materials at Fungal Infection Sites in Arabidopsis Leaves

October 19

 Julia Boughner, UofS College of Medicine

Red in Tooth and Jaw:  The Evo-Devo of Mammalian Mouths

October 26

 Dr. Larry Griffing, Texas A&M University

Endoplasmic Reticulum-Organelle Crosstalk in Transport and Signaling in Plants

November 2

 Christy Morrissey, UofS Biology

Retracing Darwin's Beagle Voyage to Find Birds and New Opportunities

November 9


November 23

 Dr. Charles Trick, Western University

A crushing loss: The blob in the North Pacific, domoic acid and the complex physiology of Pseudo-Nitzschia

November 30

 Hong Wang, UofS Biochemistry

Cell Cycle Regulation and Plant Development

December 7

 Dr. Todd Gillis, U. Guelph



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