Biology Departmental Seminars

Winter 2018



Seminar Title

January 4
January 11  
January 18 Arun Shunmugam, NRC Meiosis specific gene discovery in wheat
January 25 Tony Ruzzini, U of S Vet Med A microbial (bio)chemical ecology lab at the WCVM
February 1
February 8 Hugo Cota-Sanchez, U of S Biology Linnaeus vs. Michelangelo: the significance and value of historical museum collections
February 15 Charlotte Regan, U of S Biology, McLoughlin Lab

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding variation in reproductive expenditure in female Soay sheep

March 1 Kumar Selveraj, U of S Biology, Bonham-Smith Lab TBA
March 8 Kishore Rajagopalan, NRC

Agrochemical development for plant abiotic and biotic stress tolerance

March 15 Iain Phillips, Water Security Agency Biological tools for water security in the Northern Great Plains
March 22 Ezgi Ogutcen, U of S Department of Plant Sciences

What lies behind the snapdragon diversity?
A macroevolutionary study on Antirrhineae (Plantaginaceae)

March 29 Mohammad Naderi, U of S Biology, Niyogi Lab Effects of chronic exposure to selenium on learning and memory in zebrahish (Danio rerio)
April 5 Cody Manchester, U of S Biology, Grey Lab Uncovering the mysteries of flight muscle coordination and sensory motor integration during collision avoidance behaviour in locusts.
April 19 Christina Tollett, U of S Biology, McGloughlin Lab TBA